uCondition is a rule-based expression property type for Umbraco.  It allows content editors to control business logic directly within the Umbraco CMS.  It can be used to provide a more personalised experience to your customer, or to determine whether an action is permitted, or where ever you want to put the rules in to the hands of a content editor.  We have written some example case studies here.  

Why should I use uCondition?

  • Approach decision making in a rich interactive way.
  • Be more agile with your business rules
  • Create simple and very complex expressions easily
  • Conditions are built up from reusable predicate types
  • Develop only the predicate types content editors require
  • Use it to personalise your customers experience
  • Use it to show applicable content to your customers
  • Go live with your changes within seconds
  • Avoid nasty checkboxes and other similar approaches that can cause headaches for developers and content editors

Can it be configured to meet my requirements?

uCondition provides a base framework for your developer(s) to extend and create their own reusable conditions to meet your requirements.  

A developer can create a bespoke conditions very easily.  For more information and tutorials, please read our developer documentation


You can access our user documentation here.  If you are a developer and require help, please consult our developer documentation here.

If you have any questions or require assistance, post in our support forum, or please don't hesitate to contact us.

uCondition Introduction Video

In this introduction we will create a rule that will show a discount banner to high priority customers. We will create the condition to define what is a high priority customer. We will also give an overview on how Global Conditions.